As a sexual offences barrister Nigel Power QC has a wealth of experience acting for those charged with these very alarming charges. There is no more distressing allegation to face. Nigel has  significant experience of and skill in this type of case.

Nigel represented X, a teacher charged with possessing a number of child pornographic images on his computer. By exploring the use of “safe searches”, demonstrating the tiny proportion of images on the computer that were offensive and demonstrating a number of innocent search terms which brought up offending images, Nigel obtained an acquittal.

Nigel also appeared as a privately paid QC to represent Y, a businessman charged with serious multiple rapes of a so-called “high class escort”. The complainant claimed anonymity through an application made by the Crown Prosecution Service. By cross-examining the police officer in charge of the case, Nigel exposed a number of technical difficulties and procedural irregularities in the application; the net result was that the application failed, the complainant withdrew her co-operation and the prosecution offered no evidence. Not Guilty verdicts were entered against Nigel’s client who obtained a Defendant's Costs Order to repay all of his legal fees.

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Sexual Offences