No criminal cases have been more controversial in recent years than those involving allegations of causing intentional injuries to babies and young children. From Louise Woodward to Sally Clark and beyond, this type of case has involved medical and legal disagreement amongst experts.

In the 2014 edition of one of the leading legal directories, “The Legal 500” commented that "Nigel Power QC excels in cases involving complex technical, medical or scientific evidence.” Allegations of this type commonly involve the use by both prosecution and defence of a number of experts from different medical disciplines and the early identification of the appropriate expert is vital.

Acting as a QC, Nigel represented Leslie Inman, a young man charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent to his 4-month-old daughter by shaking, The case involved expert evidence of the conventional "triad" of injuries i.e. encephalopathy, sub-dural haematoma and bi-lateral retinal haemorrhages, but was unusual because the baby had has prominent extra-cerebral/ subarachnoid spaces which on rare occasions have been reported to predispose a child to sub-dural haematoma even with minor trauma. Because of that unusual feature, and because her retinal haemorrhages were subsequently found to have resolved, it was possible to demonstrate the real risk that this was not a true “baby-shaking” case and Mr Inman was acquitted.

If you or someone closed to you is being investigated for or been charged with the murder, manslaughter or assault of a baby or young child, whether linked to so-called “baby-shaking” or not, email Nigel Power QC directly or call 0151 242 0707.


Baby Shaking Cases